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New book chapter on optimal trajectory planning for multiple unmanned vehicles published by Elsevier Inc.

We are pleased to announce that the book chapter "Trajectory Planning Based on Collocation Methods for Adaptive Motion Control of Multiple Aerial and Ground Autonomous Vehicles" co-authored by S. Vera, F. Petric, G. Heredia, A. Ollero, and Z. Kovacic has been just published in the book Control of Complex Systems, Editor(s): K. G. Vamvoudakis and J. Sarangapani, Elsevier Inc., pp. 575-624, 2016 (available on-line: DOI:10.1016/B978-0-12-805246-4.00001-X).

In this chapter we describe a centralized method of optimal trajectory planning for multiple unmanned vehicles based on the recently concluded research and development processes in the European FP7 project named EC-SAFEMOBIL. The method can be used with aerial or ground vehicles, as well as in mixed scenarios with aerial and ground vehicles.

New book chapter on automated warehousing systems published by ASTM International

We are pleased to announce that the book chapter “Harmonization of Research and Development Activities Toward Standardization in the Automated Warehousing Systems” co-authored by Z. Kovačić, M. Butler, P. Lista, G. Vasiljević, I. Draganjac, D. Miklić, T. Petrović, and F. Petric has been just published in the book Autonomous Industrial Vehicles: From the Laboratory to the Factory Floor, Editor(s): R. Bostelman (NIST); E. Messina, ASTM International, pp. 106-128, April 2016 (available on-line: DOI:10.1520/STP159420150050).

In this chapter, we describe some ideas of robotic system standardization based on the recently concluded research and development processes in the FP7 project EC-SAFEMOBIL, which was focused on estimation and control technologies for safe, wireless, high-mobility cooperative systems. In the given analysis of possible standardization of automated warehousing systems, we elaborate on ideas on how to overcome evident gaps between academic achievements and viable industry practice. Paying particular attention to process and development standards, as well as function-specific standards, we describe our view of reaching new standards in automated warehousing systems, particularly with a number of deployed automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Limited time open access to LARICS paper to be published in Robotics and Computer-integrated Manufacturing journal

Paper “High-accuracy vehicle localization for autonomous warehousing”, written by Goran Vasiljevic, Damjan Miklic, Ivica Draganjac and prof. Zdenko Kovacic will be published in the Robotics and Computer-integrated Manufacturing journal. The paper presents the algorithm stack for high-precision autonomous vehicle localization, developed within FP7 EC-SAFEMOBIL project. The proposed methodology satisfies the industrial requirements for localization accuracy and has been verified by extensive experiments in realistic industrial conditions. Full paper can be accessed via the following link, which will be available until July 3, 2016.

EC-SAFEMOBIL 7th Consortium Meeting

Zdenko Kovacic and Goran Vasiljevic attended the EC-SAFEMOBIL 7th Consortium Meeting that was held on June 17–18, 2015, in Seville, Spain. They gave the report on the latest results on precise localisation and distributed control of multiple LGVs, two main goals of the Scenario 4: Autonomous Distributed Warehousing. On their way home, they stopped shortly in Lisbon, Portugal and enjoyed sightseeing in this beautiful European metropole.


Zdenko Kovacic, Stjepicra15-logoan Bogdan and Ivica Draganjac (LARICS PhD student) attended IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation ICRA 2015. The conference was held on May 26-30, 2015 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Zdenko Kovacic and Ivica Draganjac presented paper 'Decentralized Control of Free Ranging UGVs in Warehouse Environments', that  is the result of work of LARICS research team as a part of EC-SAFEMOBIL project, supported by EU under the FP7 program. Stjepan Bogdan was a speaker at the Workshop on Aerial Manipulation and Load Transportation, presenting UAV as a Service Platform for an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle. Zdenko Kovacic was a speaker at the Workshop on Autonomous Industrial Vehicles: From the Laboratory to the Factory presenting recent advances in localization and decentralized control of multi-AGV systems.

Demonstration held by LARICS team in Euroimpianti

Frlgvsom 19th until 21st of January Italian company Euroimpianti hosted the 6th EC-SAFEMOBIL consortium meeting in the town of Schio. Using two autonomous forklifts produced by Euroimpianti, LARICS team held two successful demonstrations of decentralized control and markerless localization developed within the EC-SAFEMOBIL project. First demonstration was held for members of the consortium, while the second one was reserved for project reviewers who attended the last day of the meeting. Meeting and especially demonstration were covered by reporters from local newspapers and television.

EC-SAFEMOBIL review meeting

EC-SAFEMOBIL review meeting has been held in safemobil1Brussels. Following the two day preparation, SAFEMOBIL consortium presented the developments and results of 5 scenarios. With minor complaints about scenario 3, progress report was accepted and project continues according to plan.


EC-SAFEMOBIL experiments with a new LGV

newlgvDr. Damjan Miklic and Goran Vasiljevic have arrived in Euroimpianti where they are experimenting with a new type of autonomous Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV). The list of tasks contains calibrating the LGV odometry, testing of communication with new laser range sensors and control of steer and traction motors from the LARICS software. FP7-IP project EC-SAFEMOBIL is at the end of the third year and a lot of experimental work on marker-less SLAM and decentralized control of multiple LGVs is scheduled for the last (fourth) year of the project.

FP7-IP EC-SAFEMOBIL General meeting in DLR

Three days spent in DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany during the General meeting of the FP7-IP project were productive and very memorable. Being in one the leading European research institutions is exciting by itself. But having a privilege to see the control centre of the Columbia space station, see and talk about new robotic systems designed in DLR, will remain inspiring for our own research work. The evening spent in Munich watching together the Football Worldcup opening match Croatia vs. Brazil will be unfortunately remembered for different reasons.

LARICS visiting researcher Santiago Vera held a lecture

Mr. Santiago sveraRendon Vera, a visiting researcher from the University of Seville, Spain, held a lecture organized by the IEEE Croatia Section Robotics and Automation Chapter entitled: “Path planning with Pseudospectral Collocation Methods”. Santiago has been invited for the period of three months to visit LARICS andparticipate in joint research on multi-robot trajectory optimization. The research is conducted within the project FP7-IP Estimation and Control for Safe Wireless High Mobility Cooperative Industrial Systems (EC-SAFEMOBIL, 285939). During his stay in the Lab it is planned to develop a multi-robot trajectory planning strategy based on the use of a pseudospectral collocation method and test it in simulation and in laboratory conditions using the group of Pioneer P3-DX mobile robots.

FP7-IP EC-SAFEMOBIL General meeting in Zagreb

ec-safemobil_meetingDuring three cold and dry days, February 03-05, the representatives of all partners of the EC-SAFEMOBIL Consortium gathered at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing to discuss issues relevant for success of this four-year FP7 project. Besides a series of presentations and discussions, our visitors made a short tour around our robotics research-oriented laboratories (ACROSS, LARICS, AMOR, LAPOST). Evenings were reserved for night sightseeing of Zagreb old town and dining some typical Croatian dishes.

LARICS team made first SLAM experiments in Schio

schio_firstexperimentsProf. Zdenko Kovacic, Goran Vasiljevic and Frano Petric spent two days in Schio, Italy performing experiments with a new marker-less SLAM algorithm using the fusion of maps obtained by lasers mounted on the Euroimpianti laser-guided vehicles (autonomous forklifts). The processing of acquired data yielded first marker-less localization results which seemed accurate enough for usual industrial environments.

Successful EC-SAFEMOBIL Review Meeting in Brussels

Prof. Zdenko Kovacic attended the 2nd year EC-SAFEMOBIL Review Meeting in Brussels, Belgium where he presented the most recent results of LARICS research team in this FP7 project. The meeting finished successfully with recommendations of the Project Officer and the Review Committee members for financing of the third year joint research efforts of all partners in the Project Consortium.

EC-SAFEMOBIL and ASSISI_bf projects presented at the EUROCON 2013 panel session

LARICS professors Zdenko Kovacic and Stjepan Bogdan took part across panelat the panel session“Advanced Cooperative Systems – Research Challenges and Application Opportunities” held at the International Conference on Computer as a Tool EUROCON 2013 in Zagreb, where they presented the research goals and results of two LARICS FP7 projects, EC-SAFEMOBIL and ASSISI. 

Successfull EC-SAFEMOBIL review meeting

ReviewReview meeting for 1st year of FP7 project EC-SAFEMOBIL was held in Brussels, June 13. Following the detailed preparation of deliverables, Professor Kovacic and all partners in the consortium put a lot of effort into their presentations, ensuring positive response of Project Officer and reviewers.  Project continues, and we are looking forward to testing some of our algorithms in Euroimpianti facilities. Review meeting for 2nd year will be held in October 2013.

LARICS team visited FP7-IP EC-SAFEMOBIL project partner Euroimpianti

LARICS team consisting of preivisit1of. Zdenko Kovacic, Damjan Miklic and Frano Petric visited Euroimpianti headquarters in Schio, Italy. The purpose of the visit was to discuss further collaboration on the FP7 project EC-SAFEMOBIL, specifically to arrange the technical details of localization tests that are to be performed in Euroimpianti facilites in the beginning of May. Along with the localization tests, industrial requirements for a warehousing scenario were discussed to clarify the needs of Euroimpianti and solutions proposed by LARICS.

We thank our partners at Euroimpianti for a warm welcome, very productive sessions and very inspiring tour of their facilities.

Successful testing of distributed Multi-LGV control algorithm in Martinovka Gym

It was a lonmultiLGVmartinovkag night in Martinovka. Basketball, volleyball and other sports activities were replaced by exciting first experiments with four Pioneer mobile robots simultaneously controlled with a new distributed control algorithm being developed within the FP7 project EC-SAFEMOBIL. The players of the LARICS „Night Owls“ team were Damjan Miklic, Tamara Petrovic, Ivica Draganjac, Frano Petric, and Tomislav Haus. The results were very promising and inspiring for further research work.

Six Pioneer P3-DX Robots Arrived for FP7-IP EC-SAFEMOBIL Project Research

P3DXThese days LARICS has experienced the invasion of new robots, which rushed in good hands of our students. Six mobile robots Pioneer P3-DX from Adept mobilerobotswill be used in research pursued within the 6.2 M EUR FP7-IP project Estimation and Control for Safe Wireless High Mobility Cooperative Industrial Systems - EC-SAFEMOBIL. This will allow practical demonstrations of distributed safe reliable cooperation and coordination of many high mobility entities. The aim is to precisely control hundreds of entities efficiently and reliably and to certify developed techniques to support the exploitation of unmanned platforms in non-restricted areas. This development will be validated in two scenarios: industrial warehousing involving a large number of autonomous vehicles and surveillance also involving many mobile entities. 

Fp7-IP project EC-SAFEMOBIL takes off

The European Commission, under the 7th Frame Program, has provided funds to perform the project SAFEMOBIL (Estimation and Control for Safe Wireless High Mobility Cooperative Industrial Systems), recognizing the growing importance of the UAV market and applications, which in the case of SAFEMOBIL project, are related to the utilization of autonomous systems in general and UAVs in particular, in many applications that cannot be accomplished with manned systems for including disaster management, the monitoring and measurement of events, rescue missions, particularly in stormy conditions and, in general all mission where there are risks for human beings.The awarded consortium includes the most important organizations and companies within the European ec-safemobilsector and represents and appropriate mixture of research organizations and key players at industry level. FADA-CATEC acts as the project leader and the consortium team includes DLRAstriumIndraSELEX GALILEOEuroimpiantiUniversity of SevilleUniversity Duisburg-Essen and University of Zagreb. The EC-SAFEMOBIL project is devoted to the development of sufficiently accurate motion estimation and control methods and technologies in order to reach levels of reliability and safety to facilitate unmanned vehicle deployment in a broad range of applications. It also includes the development of a secure architecture and the middleware to support the implementation. The EC SAFEMOBIL project will develop world first technology demonstrators in several applications dealing with the landing of UAVs on mobile platforms in challenging conditions, the launching of an UAV from a manned vehicle, the surveillance, and the warehousing involving a large number of autonomous vehicles.