Interactive simulator of the Ziegler fire-fighting vehicle control system


Interactive simulator of the Ziegler fire-fighting vehicle control system


Objective: To ensure the required response time of firefighters, their good training for working with the pump is needed. Exercising on a vehicle requires certain financial assets (fuel consumption, consumption of extinguishing foams). The program for the training of firefighters should allow introduction of firefighters to all funcionalities of the pumping system. After successfully mastering the training simulation program, a fireman comes to vehicle with good knowledge which will certainly reduce the cost of training firefighters. We expect to see a reduction in costs and increase the frequency of training, which in turn will positively reflect on the knowledge of our systems, their maintenance and quality of communication with customer service in any application failures.

Required tasks: It is necessary to program a graphical interface in the form of standard Zieglers control desks (desk at the rear of the vehicle, the counter pumps installed forward and ZMS – system). Provide some kind of visualization simulation of the system (work, pumps, pressure pumps, air pressure, engine performance, etc.). Realize the visualization of actions when you press the specified button. Ideally would be if function, shape, color and position of the keys could be defined by users and thus they could customize the appearance of the screen to reflect the real state of the vehicle. Allow in simulation the demonstration of certain errors in the system (dropout air systems, pressure sensor failure, etc.).


Ziegler d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia



Principal investigator

Zdenko Kovacic