Autonomous mobile sensor platform for closed space surveillance and cleaning (TP-E 44/2005 )


Development of autonomous mobile sensor platform for closed space surveillance. Platform has its own power supply, wireless communication module, sensor module with the following sensors; cameras, sonars, GPS, compass, temperature, pressure, moisture, IC, NOx, CO, CO2. Development of software for platform localization and platform movement. Development of software for sensors data acquisition and data fusion. Coordinated movement of several platforms would provide surveillance and checking of environmental parameters of closed spaces; warehouses, shopping malls, offices, etc. Developed algorithms and electronics can be used for automated vehicles for floor cleaning. Building the platform and sensor mounting. Programming and coding of control algorithms, data acquisition algorithms and data fusion algorithms. Final goal is experimentally tested prototype of autonomous mobile sensor platform.


Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Croatia, and Sitek s.p.a., Italy


2005 – 2007

Principal investigator

Stjepan Bogdan

Potential users of project results

Warehouses, shopping malls, banks, government institutions, factories with shop floors.