Multi A.G.V. Control System


Multi A.G.V. Control System


The goal of this project is to make a feasible concept, develop control algorithms of practical value and implement software modules for Multi-AGV Control System for Euroimpianti (EI) Automated Guided Vehicles. Regarding high-level control tasks, we needed to handle a mission management in the multi-AGV industrial environment. This involved development of software that calculated a mission model for all AGVs, then development of an algorithm for determination of all feasible paths including the shortest ones, development of SW for dynamic path reconfiguration and on top of all, implementation of the user-interface for mission determination and fixed path definition. Compatibility with the AGV’s on-board PLC program has been achieved.


Sitek s.p.a., Verona, Italy



Principal investigators

Zdenko Kovacic, Stjepan Bogdan

Project results:

Five successful installations in the EU industry (Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain).