Integrated Control of Robotized Plants (Grant No. 0036044)


Rapid development of software tools and high level languages which do not depend on the type of computer and operating system, has offered alternate approaches to solving development and implementation problems dealing with multilevel control of dynamically reconfigurable robotized plants. A basic aim of research is the build-up of an integrated control system which would support intelligent processing of acquired sensor data, graphically oriented setup of robotized plant and dynamically linked automated multilevel control of such a plant. Within the proposed project, the following goals are set: Development and work out of modular software for dynamically reconfigurable control systems based on information from mounted sensors. Automatic integration of software modules for the user-defined configuration of a robotized plant. Work out of a graphical user interface which would at higher level allow integration of developed software modules. Development and implementation of algorithms for automatic solving of direct and inverse kinematics and dynamics problems for the user-defined type of an industrial robot. Development and work out of algorithms for analysis of robot motion in the workspace and for dynamic collision avoidance. Development and application of intelligent control algorithms for multilevel control of robotized plants: control of robot joint servo systems, task planning and control of a robotized plant treated as a discrete event system. Development and work out of software for off-line display (e.g. during simulations) and on-line display of movements of movable elements of the plant by using 3-D graphics and animation based on usage of virtual reality elements. The final result of this research is expected to be an integrated control system, which would enable fully automated reconfiguration of control algorithms in accordance to the selected structure of a robotized plant. Integrated control system would be tested on laboratory models of robotized plants, and if possible, on some industrial plant too. Within the framework of proposed research activities, particular contributions are expected in the fields of robotics and flexible manufacturing systems, automatics and computing in robotics and automation.


Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Republic of Croatia


2002 – 2006

Principal investigator

Zdenko Kovacic

Project results:

  1. Library of Inverse Kinematics and Robot Dynamics solvers for standard robot configurations
  2. Dynamically reconfigurable software for robot description and parameterization
  3. Fuzzy logic and neural network-based servo controllers for robot servo loops
  4. Task planning procedures and control of a robotized plant as a discrete event system
  5. Powerful 3-D graphics and animation features
  6. Advanced trajectory planning algorithms
  7. Interaction among all software modules providing vertical and horizontal flexibility

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