Advanced Control of Industrial Plants – Cold Rolling Mill Control (TLM Sibenik)


This project is concerned with a problem of developing a PLC-based control system for metal strip thickness (AGC) and flatness (AFC) control of a cold rolling mill. EXOR – Zagreb got a contract for this job from TLM Sibenik. LARICS people joined the EXOR project team taking full responsibility for the control part of the system. The system is has been fully developed, tested, installed and running on site in September 2002 (see more details below).


EXOR – Control Engineering d.o.o. , Zagreb



Principal investigators

Zdenko Kovacic, Stjepan Bogdan

Project references:

Installation and commissioning of a new cold rolling mill control system has been successfully finished in only two days – September 17-18, 2002, which has been assummed by the experts from EXOR Control Engineering and by the TLM operators as the greatest possible achievement. The new cold rolling mill control system is running non-stop in all three production shifts. Some of the results of the achieved aluminum strip quality can be seen on the photos in our photo-album.

Complete technical documentation and User’s manual in English and Croatian have been written for our partners, EXOR Control Engineering d.o.o., Zagreb and TLM, Sibenik.