Implementation of fuzzy logic-based condenser level control in KTE Jertovec


This project is concerned with a problem of condensate level control. Due to a nonlinear geometry of a drum and nonlinearities induced by a pump and a valve, a process is highly nonlinear, representing a difficulty for existing control system based on the usage of a standard three state controller. In order to overcome these problems and improve control quality, the fuzzy gain scheduling control scheme is going to be implemented. Simulations with a nonlinear model of a condenser level control loop in Matlab+Simulink have shown that the fuzzy gain scheduling control strategy could provide better control quality.


Croatian Electricity – KTE Jertovec, Konjscina



Principal investigator(s)

Zdenko Kovacic, Stjepan Bogdan

Project references:

BOGDAN S., KOVACIC Z., LONCAR D., LUKACEVIC D., “Fuzzy Gain Scheduling Control of the Condensate Level”, The 9th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation Control, Dubrovnik, 2001.

Bogdan S; Kovacic Z.; Loncar D.; Lukacevic D. Fuzzy Gain Scheduling control of the condensate level, Engineering Review. Vol. 21-22 (2002) , 1; 1-9.