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ASSISI project final review meeting

Our Prof. Stjepan Bogdan, Ivana Mikolić and Marsela Polić went to Brussels on 22-25 September to attend the final review meeting for the ASSISIbf project. ASSISI started five years ago and is the last FP7 project at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, as well as the financially biggest one. At the meeting, the project was discussed in detail and the final review was a success. Congratulations to all the participants!

ASSISIbf Training FER 2015

On 16 December 2015 the ASSISIbf LARICS team organized a training at the local Faculty for their master students. The larics_webpurpose of the training was to present, through selected lectures and a practical session, the overall goals of the ASSISIbf project and the results accomplished in the first half of the project.

Prof. Bogdan gave talk on general concepts of the project. The students could find out what is the FET programmeFOCAS initiative, collective adaptive systems and the methodology applied within the project. Dr. Damjan Miklić and Karlo Griparić presented the software and hardware architecture developed for facilitating ethological experiments on honeybees. The emphasis was put on distributivity and modularity of the system.

In the practical session, the task for the students was to program Combined Actuator Sensor Units (CASUs), which are being developed within the project. LARICS staff prepared the arena with fully functional four CASUs and each CASU was given to a group of 3 students to program. Bristlebots were used to mimic the motion of bees and the task was to develop a CASU controller which detects the tiny robots and reacts to their presence by changing CASU temperature and color.

ASSISIbf 3rd internal training

blog-tr3-Figure5The 3rd internal training for the ASSISIbf project has been held last week at the Artificial Life Lab in Graz. The LARICS team introduced partners from Graz, Lisboa and Lausanne to the new CASU array that we have been developing during the past months. Currently, the array features 9 CASUs (Combined Actuator-Sensor Units), devices that can produce stimuli relevant for honeybees (heat, vibration, airflow), sense the presence of honeybees (by means of IR sensors) and perform autonomous computation (thanks to BeagleBone Black boards powering each device). The goal of these devices is to exchange information with honeybees, that is "talk" to them. The initial closed-loop interaction experiments were quite successful. For more info, pleas visit the project's blog.

Karlo Griparic and Damir Arbula presented papers at IEEE SAS 2015 in Zadar, Croatia

2015logoLARICS had two papers presented at the 2015 IEEE Sensor Applications Symposium that was held from April 13-15 in Zadar, Croatia. A LARICS PhD student Karlo Griparic presented the paper entitled  "Combined Actuator Sensor Unit for Interaction with Honeybees", describing the newest results of the on-going FP7 project ASSISI. Dr. Damir Arbula presented the paper entitled "Microimmune Algorithm for Sensor Network Localization" describing the key results of his doctoral dissertation. Prof. Zdenko Kovacic, being the coauthor of the second paper together with a LARICS PhD student Slaven Glumac, also participated in this very well organized event in the beautiful city of Zadar.

ASSISI_bf on SASO conference

saso2013Prof. Stjepan Bogdan presented paper "ASSISI: Charged Hot Bees Shakin’ in the Spotlight" on the 2013 IEEE 7th Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 9-13 September 2013.

The paper presents concepts and initial results of ASSISI_bf project. During his stay in USA, Prof. Bogdan visited Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab and talked with Prof. Paul Oh, director of the laboratory.

EC-SAFEMOBIL and ASSISI_bf projects presented at the EUROCON 2013 panel session

LARICS professors Zdenko Kovacic and Stjepan Bogdan took part across panelat the panel session“Advanced Cooperative Systems – Research Challenges and Application Opportunities” held at the International Conference on Computer as a Tool EUROCON 2013 in Zagreb, where they presented the research goals and results of two LARICS FP7 projects, EC-SAFEMOBIL and ASSISI.