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Tips and tricks for ROS development

Building ROS software from Qt Creator

So you installed here to find information on how to setup QtCreator to work with ROS?

If you follow instructions that are listed in the QtCreator section of ROS-IDE tutorial, you will probably run into some problems when trying to run Cmake for QtCreator to setup everything, although you can build your packages with catkin_make. The problem is in the part where catkin calls Cmake with some arguments while QtCreator doesn't. The argument in question is:


However, if you try to enter this into the QtCreator argument form when running Cmake, it will not fix the issue.

The only way for this to work is to instruct QtCreator to open the main CMakeLists.txt file of the whole catkin workspace (one which is located in catkin_ws/src/ folder), then run cmake with the argument specified above. This will open all ROS packages in your catkin workspace as projects inside one large QtCreator project, and you will have whole catkin workspace inside QtCreator.

Note: QtCreator must be run from terminal to pickup correct environment settings. When running Cmake from QtCreator, choose catkin_ws/build folder for build files instead of the default one.

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